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Many different areas of Northeast Ohio are well known for its Amish community and their many farms that populate the countryside. Let us take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and allow you to enjoy a day full of good old fun on our Amish Country Tour.

Amish Country Tour Amish people and their traditions attract tourists who are curious to see for themselves what being Amish is all about. On our Amish Country Tour, we’ll arrange a specific tour to fit your needs and time schedule and drive you and your group around a popular Amish community. You’ll see the Amish farms and the farmers working in the fields using teams of horses to get their work done. Enjoy dining on delicious Amish cuisine and enjoy shopping in their unique shops.

Visit popular Amish communities like in Sugarcreek, Millersburg, Holmes County, Geauga County, Tuscarawas County and more.

We strive for authenticity and want to share expert knowledge of the Amish heritage with you. Step into their communities by visiting locations such as cheese Amish Country Tourshops, Amish bakeries, restaurants, quilt maker, candle maker, furniture maker and hardware stores. Learn how they live their lives by taking a tour of their schools, going on a buggy ride, dining in an Amish restaurant. The history and customs of the Amish faith will also be explained. The Amish Country Tour includes an Amish country tour guide that is an expert in the Amish culture and way of life. Looking to add additional entertainment? We can include attending an Amish Theater as part of your tour.

We want your visit to Amish Country to be educational, enjoyable and tranquil. Step back in time and enjoy a quiet and simple lifestyle.

You and your group will be transported to Amish Country in one of our luxury coaches. A Touch of Class offers new model buses ranging in 14-56 passengers complete with restrooms, TV/DVD, WiFi and more. Our professional chauffeurs will make sure you and group are transported safely and securely throughout your tour.

Let us make your Amish Country Tour a memorable learning experience by booking with A Touch of Class.

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