Hiring a limo driver for a special event, or just a trip around town, is a luxurious way to spend your time. Outfitted with almost every need imaginable, these vehicles put you in the spotlight for a short time. Your limousine driver is also part of this imagery. They offer safe driving throughout your rental, making sure you are having a good time as well. Although your mind may be on your personal matters, it’s crucial to consider your courtesy and manners when it comes to limo driver etiquette.

Service-Oriented Position

When you hire a luxury limo, for example, the rental fee is similar to paying for your restaurant bill. Gasoline and wear on the vehicle are part of the amount. Although a portion of it does go to the limo driver, they are providing a personal service, just like a waitress. It is customary to tip the limo driver at the end of the night. Be especially generous if they can get you to your destination quickly with little traffic issues.

Be Aware Of The Driver’s Time

The night may be young, but the driver is on the clock. If you rented the limo until midnight, but you need to extend the rental to 1 A.M., talk to your driver about the change. They may be able to accommodate you, but a higher rental fee is typically required. When you make this kind of change, also increase your tip at the end of the night. Show them that you appreciate their generosity.

Give A Clear Itinerary

A limo is a beautiful piece of machinery, but it doesn’t have the agility of a compact car. Be sure to give the limo driver exact information about your itinerary for the night. They need some time to plan parking locations and loading spots, depending on the venue. Surprising the driver with a difficult destination can make the night frustrating for both of you, especially if it’s not possible to move the limo to that location.

Chat It Up

Most limo drivers want you to have a wonderful night, culminating in future rentals, if possible. In the end, you set the tone for the rental period. You can chat with the driver or simply speak to them as needed. All clients have a different comfort level with their driver.

Consider your driver’s needs when you rent your limo for the night or day. They want you to have a great time, making the limo company successful in their mission goals.

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